Synthesis of carbon-phosphorus bonds by Robert Engel

By Robert Engel

Synthesis of Carbon-Phosphorus Bonds, moment version is a operating advisor for the laboratory, incorporating classical ways with the hot advancements of carbon-phosphorus (C-P) bond formation. those advances contain the guidance of phosphoranes -- in particular within the use of brief oxophosphoranes as intermediates in organophosphorus compound synthesis ñ in addition to the hot ways in the direction of the coaching of compounds with fragrant and vinylic C-P bonds.Synthesis of Carbon-Phosphorus Bonds, moment variation serves as a great tool within the laboratory. It bargains precise surveys of IUPAC nomenclature ideas, universal notation platforms, and numerous experimental examples. those good points aid to make this article an efficient resource of severe and annotated references, in addition to a a operating consultant for natural and phosphorus chemists particularly, or for any chemists operating with C-P bonds.

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1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butyne to red phosphorus at elevated temperature. The reaction is catalyzed by elemental iodine, providing the purified product in 45% yield. 11 Formation of a bicyclic from red phosphorus. 12 Direct aryl–C–P bond formation in a bicyclic compound. 13 Direct aryl–C–P bond formation with red phosphorus. 41 This reaction presumably occurs by an addition–elimination route. 42 This approach holds the potential for the preparation of a variety of triarylphosphine oxides without proceeding through the normally used Grignard reagent.

The reaction mixture was sonicated for 10 min, after which it was filtered to remove excess phosphorus. The filtrate was then acidified to pH = 2–3 with 37% aqueous HCl and extracted with chloroform. The aqueous portion was concentrated to dryness, and the residue dissolved in a minimum of acetic acid. The supernatant layer was separated from the solid and concentrated to dryness to give the product α-hydroxy-p-methylbenzylphosphonous acid in 30% yield. 01 mol) in 57% aqueous HI (3 ml). The mixture was heated under reflux for 6 h.

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