Serology of infectious disease syndromes by Edwin H. Lennette, Mirko Jung, Franciska Jung

By Edwin H. Lennette, Mirko Jung, Franciska Jung

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So we ought to approach such research with some healthy skepticism. Still, some interesting results have emerged from this research. The data support the general notion of a studentcentered classroom, one in which students are encouraged to seek answers to problems in an active way. Peters (1987) cites other research that named "tolerance of ambiguity and preference for complexity" as further hallmarks of good English teaching (p. 38). We may infer that the traits of a successful English teacher are an understanding of the complexity and ambiguities of language, along with a willingness to let students explore language in fairly fluid situations.

Dan: Your cooperating teacher will introduce you as Mrs. Albertsen, and then you are Mrs. Albertsen. Gabby: Good. I think that sets up a barrier, whereas when I'm just Gabby, I can still be one of them. Debbie: That's another thing. We're so close in age, at least I am. This summer I saw the Girls State kids from high school, and . . well, I'm not a tall person, and I'm not all that big, and these kids are much larger than me, and they look more developed and more mature, and it is threatening.

Dan: You're going to do fine, Gabby. Gabby: All that stuff that teachers brought to our class. It was great. I'm going to read all that later. But right now I want what they do. I want how they do it. Dan: The problem, Gabby, is that what makes it work is not written down in a neat little sheet of paper that you can Xerox. And if it is and you try to do it that way, then it comes out different. But you need both, don't you? Stuff and your own ideas. As Nicole said, stuff without thinking is not all that useful.

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