High Times (January 2014)

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What Every Body Is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People

Learn this ebook and ship your nonverbal intelligence hovering. Joe Navarro, a former FBI counterintelligence officer and a well-known professional on nonverbal habit, explains how one can "speed-read" humans: decode sentiments and behaviors, steer clear of hidden pitfalls, and search for misleading behaviors. You'll additionally find out how your physique language can effect what your boss, family members, buddies, and strangers think about you.

Non-Violent Resistance (Satyagraha)

This quantity specializes in Gandhi's imaginative and prescient of Satyagraha, wherein one appeals to cause and judgment of right and wrong and places an finish to evil via changing the evil-doer. The booklet starts off with a proof of Satyagraha and proceeds with distinct discussions of the self-training and braveness important for Satyagraha.

Big Data Analytics Using Splunk: Deriving Operational Intelligence from Social Media, Machine Data, Existing Data Warehouses, and Other Real-Time Streaming Sources

Big facts Analytics utilizing Splunk is a hands-on e-book displaying find out how to method and derive enterprise price from gigantic facts in actual time. Examples within the e-book draw from social media assets comparable to Twitter (tweets) and Foursquare (check-ins). you furthermore mght discover ways to draw from desktop info, permitting you to investigate, say, internet server log records and styles of consumer entry in actual time, because the entry is happening. long gone are the times for those who want be stuck out by means of transferring public opinion or surprising adjustments in client habit. Splunk’s effortless to take advantage of engine is helping you know and react in actual time, as occasions are taking place.

Splunk is a robust, but easy analytical instrument quick gaining traction within the fields of massive info and operational intelligence. utilizing Splunk, you could visual display unit info in actual time, or mine your information after the actual fact. Splunk’s beautiful visualizations relief in finding the needle of price in a haystack of a knowledge. Geolocation help spreads your info throughout a map, permitting you to drill right down to geographic parts of curiosity. indicators can run within the history and set off to provide you with a warning of shifts or occasions as they're taking place.

With Splunk you could instantly realize and react to altering traits and transferring public opinion as expressed via social media, and to new styles of eCommerce and client habit. the facility to right away realize and react to altering traits presents an incredible virtue in today’s fast moving international of net enterprise. mammoth info Analytics utilizing Splunk opens the door to an exhilarating global of real-time operational intelligence.
* equipped round hands-on initiatives
* exhibits tips to mine social media
* Opens the door to real-time operational intelligence
<h3>What you’ll learn</h3> * video display and mine social media for developments affecting your enterprise
* understand how you're perceived, and whilst that conception is emerging or falling
* realize altering consumer habit from mining your operational information
* gather and research in actual time, or from ancient documents
* follow uncomplicated analytical metrics to raised comprehend your info
* Create compelling visualizations and simply converse your findings
<h3>Who this publication is for</h3>
large info Analytics utilizing Splunk is when you have an interest in exploring the tons of knowledge they've got to be had, yet don’t understand the place to begin. it really is for the folks who've wisdom of the information they need to research and are builders or SQL programmers at a degree at any place among newcomers and intermediate. professional builders additionally make the most of studying tips to use this type of uncomplicated and strong device as Splunk.
<h3>Table of Contents</h3><ol> * half I: Splunk's uncomplicated Operation: researching Splunk
* half I: Splunk's simple Operation: Getting facts into Splunk
* half I: Splunk's uncomplicated Operation: Processing and Analysing the information
* half I: Splunk's easy Operation: Visualizing the consequences
* half I: Splunk's uncomplicated Operation: Defining indicators.
* half I: Splunk's simple Operation: net Site Monitoring  
* half I: Splunk's simple Operation: utilizing Log records to Create complex Analytics
* half II: Airline On-Time functionality venture: On-Time undertaking Description
* half II: Airline On-Time functionality undertaking: Getting Flight information Into Splunk
* half II: Airline On-Time functionality undertaking: interpreting airways, Airports, Flights, and Delays
* half II: Airline On-Time functionality undertaking: interpreting a selected Flight over Time 
* half III: Social Media: interpreting Twitter facts
* half III: Social Media: studying Foursquare Check-Ins
* half III: Social Media: Sentiment research
* half IV: structure and Deployment: disbursed Topologies
* half IV: structure and Deployment: excessive Availability
* Appendix A: The functionality of Splunk
* Appendix B: similar purposes

Hunting Bears: The Ultimate Guide to Hunting Black, Brown, Grizzly, and Polar Bears

Stalking the main harmful online game simply turned easier.
For such a lot hunters in North the US, taking a endure is incidental to searching deer. For others, in spite of the fact that, hard an incredible bruin by itself turf is the aim in their hunt and should develop into an obsession. even if it comprises looking the cautious black undergo in Maine over bait, chasing a smart black endure attempting to stay away from a pack of hounds within the Rocky Mountains, sneaking up with a bow on an important grizzly, putting the crosshairs on a huge brown undergo because it exits an ice-cold Alaskan circulate, or enduring bitterly chilly temperatures and inhospitable looking stipulations whereas looking the hunter—the nice white polar bear—bear looking is an experience just for these of sturdy middle and mind.

In looking Bears, Etling covers all points of endure looking and all species of bears to hunt—black, grizzly, brown, and polar. She omits no tactic, process, or undergo habit and contains interviews with a few of the nation’s such a lot winning undergo hunters to boot. among the covers of this ebook is info that almost all endure hunters could take a life-time to amass.

If searching any of the bears present in North the USA or the realm is your dream, you'll are looking to upload looking Bears in your outside library. it is going to supply you hours of great examining and may encourage you to bag your trophy bruin.

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We know of him only because he was a primary source for later historians including Diodorus, Arrian, and Plutarch. Tarn comments that Hieronymus “exercised a steadying force on the whole of our broken tradition of the period; the more that period is studied, the stronger the conviction grows of the presence of a great lost writer behind it” (Hellenistic Civilization, 284). Astronomy. Applying the Socratic method to the cornucopia of information that Alexander had acquired by conquering Babylonia, Hellenistic astronomers made startling advances unimproved upon until Copernicus.

Since many of these legends contain a grain of truth and make for fabulous reading, we would be poorer without them: they enable us to understand world history as the classical Greeks understood it. What Herodotus had experienced personally or from reliable sources he reported faithfully; our account of the battle of Marathon and its aftermath depends upon him almost entirely. But for Herodotus, we would know relatively little about the greater region in which the Greek genius incubated — the Persians, the Middle East, the Egyptians and Phoenicians, the creative inter28 3.

32 4. The Historical Jesus Most objective researchers — those not obliged by faith to take the Gospels as God’s literal truth — would undoubtedly conclude that all the material we have on Jesus’ first thirty years is mythology, except perhaps for the likelihoods that he was the child of Mary and Joseph, had several siblings, and came from Nazareth. Probably literate, he must have had some rabbinical teaching and had studied deeply in the Old Testament. Much of the course and purpose of his three-year mission remains obscure, beyond the probability that he was a heterodox Jewish rabbi, believed he heralded the imminent end of the world, taught total submission to God, encouraged a radical compassion for the poor and disenfranchised, and was crucified.

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