Genius Loci - Babylon 5 by J. Michael Straczynski

By J. Michael Straczynski

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Pp. 40-47 in TheRomanFrontierin of AntiquitiesofJordan40:369-74. Interim ontheLimesArabicus Central 1980-1985, Jordan. Report Project, edited by S. T. BARInternationalSeries 340. H. 1988 TheGeologyof the KarakArea. Amman: Natural Resources BritishArchaeologicalReports. Authority. LaBianca,0. S. andNomadization: FoodSystemCyclesat Hesban Routledge,B. 1990 Sedentarization 1995 Settlementand Productionat KhirbetMedeinetAlyia,Jordan. andVicinityin Transjordan. BerrienSprings,MI:Andrews UniReportsubmittedat the annual AmericanSchoolsof Oriental versity.

Mesha Ruled from Dibon contemporary with Ahab of Israel and the latter's immediate successors. The Mesha Inscription records his royal deeds, including recovery of northern Moab from Israelite control. This is reported also in 2 Kings 3. Salamanu A cuneiform text on a clay tablet fragment discovered at Nimrud lists him among kings who paid tribute to Tiglath-Pileser shortly after 734 BCE. Kammusunadbi The Oriental Institute and Taylor Prisms mention Kammusunadbi among the local Palestinian kings who rushed with presents to assure Sennacherib of their loyalty when he marched against Philistia and Judah in 701 BCE.

El- Medieyeneh),he makesno mentionof theNabataean settlementat the foot of the tell. Two buildings, one probablya smallshrine(FieldN), and the othera reservoir(FieldL),are currentlybeing excavated. G. Bisheh. 5Aquernof similarsizerecoveredin an IronAge I contextatTallal-6Umayri (Clark1996:241),may contribute,with full documentation,to our understandingof foodprocessingandindustrialactivitiesthatmadeuse of such largeinstallations. , ed. TelAviv:Tel Aviv University. Briinnow,R. E. and von Domaszewski,A.

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