Against Biblical Counseling: For the Bible by Martin Bobgan;Deidre Bobgan

By Martin Bobgan;Deidre Bobgan

After years of involvement within the biblical counseling move, Martin and Deidre Bobgan grew to become involved in a number of the practices and left the move. during this e-book they provide robust biblical explanation why they think that Christians should still abandon the biblical counseling flow, go back to reckoning on Christ, the note of God, and the paintings of the Holy Spirit throughout the Biblically-ordained ministries and mutual care within the the physique of Chirst. it is a readable, tough, debatable, and thought-provoking publication in regards to the quickly increasing biblical counseling stream.

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In other words, Moses was judging according to the law of God. The word counsel is not even used to describe what Moses was doing. ” Jethro then presented a plan for Moses to teach the ordinances of God to the people and to: . .

34 Psychological Pastors As psychology increased in popularity, pastors were feeling less and less successful at inspiring their flocks to support the work of the ministry. Therefore some pastors turned to psychology in their attempt to improve their care of souls and enhance their sermons. Two very liberal men led the way: Norman Vincent Peale and Harry Emerson Fosdick. Peale actively included psychiatric teachings and practices both in his preaching and in creating a “religion-psychiatric clinic” along with a Freudian psychiatrist.

Their methodology seemed to vacillate between attempting to work indirectly through the subconscious and to appeal directly to the will through reasoned discourse. One can see the influence of mesmerism in their use of relaxation techniques with positive suggestions. They desired to develop a “pastoral psychotherapy” that would strengthen character through tapping into the hidden powers of the subconscious. And, they justified their use of secular psychotherapy by saying that all pastors practiced psychotherapy whether they recognized it or not.

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