Acacia Mangium: Growing and Utilization by Kamis Awang, Davis Taylor (eds)

By Kamis Awang, Davis Taylor (eds)

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Yhnro: Zakauia Ihrahim. Floral Biology Male and female gametes, the structures responsible for sexual reproduction. are produced by angiosperm flowers. As floral morphology plays a definitive role in pollination, close observation of a spccics' flowers can lead to an understanding of its breeding system. The floral niorphological characteristics of A. mtrrrgirtrn arc well documented. Pedley (1975. 1978), Vercourt (1979), NAS (1983). and Turnbull et al. (1986) give brief descriptions of the inflorescences of A.

N~trrrgirinrandronionoecy. spatial separation of the sexes is not prominent (see llower description above). In terms of temporal separation of the sexes. protogynous dichoganiy is not prevalent. Antlicsis occurs very early in the day, with flowers opening the preceding night at about 2 l o ( ) hr. The synchronous emergcncc ol'stylcs and stamens. the immediate anthcr dchisccncc. and stigma receptivity after anthcsis (Zakaria 1991) signify that the llowers of A. 38, which could lead it to be classilicd as an outcrossing spccics with sonic degree 01' selling despite being partially self-inconipatiblc.

Sedgley, M. 1987. Keprrxluctwe hrology of Acncra. 50. ACIAR If ocredrngs Ko. 16. C a n k n a : ACIAR. trr Developltrg Coutrtnes, ed. W. Sedgley. M.. 11. Jane. M. Srrrrth . 1993. llyhridrzatron tsclrruques for Acncia. ACIAR Technical Report 30. I I pp. Sedgley. M.. C Y Yong. N. Valerre. 11. Jane. Smdr. M.. G. Koh. and Nrmatl Tajuddln. 1992. Plrenology and Arncm nurrculfimrrs In Australla and Malaysn. In B r e e d r n ~Techtrologies for of Acncrn nuurgru~~r 7roprcnlAramrs. ~ ~ 1LsT. M. Aken; 36-44.

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