A third testament by Malcolm Muggeridge

By Malcolm Muggeridge

In keeping with a celebrated television sequence, those illuminating images convey to existence seven recognized males looking for God.

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Man,” he concluded in the Pensées, “is great insofar as he realizes that he is wretched. ” Over France in Pascal’s time loomed the formidable figure of Cardi­ nal Richelieu exercising both the power of the Church and the State. A Third Testament blaise pascal 1 No doubt the author of the Pensées had Richelieu in mind when he wrote so scathingly of the pretensions of earthly authority, while at the same time being fully aware of its necessity if laws were to be enforced and order to be maintained.

Augustine’s first duty was to hearten his flock and prevent the panic and demoralization which the flood of refugees already beginning to arrive in North Africa from Rome might well have brought about. In a sermon delivered at the time, he compared the capture of Rome by Alaric, king of the Visigoths, with the destruction of Sodom, reminding his listeners that in the latter, biblical case, everyone had perished and the city had been eradicated by fire, never to exist again. In Rome, there were many survivors, including all who had taken refuge in the church­ es, Alaric himself being an Arian Christian.

As the English poet John Donne put it: Love’s mysteries in souls do grow And yet the body is His book. Blake’s marriage, as it happens, was not blessed with children; this must have been a sore disappointment to him, since, as his Songs of Innocence so enchantingly show, he understood children wonderfully and loved them dearly. Indeed, they crop up as themes throughout his work. Catherine’s love and devotion were wonderful and beautiful. ” Everyone who, like Blake, has a passion for goodness cannot but in some degree hate morality; just as lovers of freedom hate laws, and lov­ ers of truth hate dogma.

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