A book of showings to the anchoress Julian of Norwich by of Norwich Julian;Edmund Colledge;James Walsh

By of Norwich Julian;Edmund Colledge;James Walsh

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Although U had singularly little to offer in the preparation of the text, the certainty with which its hands have been identified makes it of quite exceptional value as evidence of the probability that we must thank Augustine Baker, and the spiritual school which he founded,65 for the survival of the long text in any complete form. V LINGUISTIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MANUSCRIPTS i The Language of A The dialect of the short text as it is preserved in A shows us that this copy must be several removes at least from what Julian wrote, if she spoke and composed in the North-East Midland dialect of Norwich, as 65 See Spearritt's article, The Survival of Mediaeval Spirituality'.

G. 289. 31), and it — and, consequently, S2 — are marred throughout by the persistent omission of words and phrases which the scribe — or his copy — had deemed superfluous to the sense, but which destroys Julian's rhetorical Figures, which are integral to her thought. Accordingly, this critical edition has been based on P; and in presenting it, the editors have perforce been guided by a conservative policy. One of the chief difFiculties offered by P is its orthography, which is eccentric and erratic.

George Kane in his edition of that work furnished evidence of monastic owners of its manuscripts, to which A. I. Doyle was able to add;97 and Chaucer too was read in monasteries. One of the two known copies of Disce Mori is MS Jesus College, Oxford 39, written for Dorothy Slyghe, a Birgettine nun of Syon; on p. 98 The intellectual life of the local Franciscans benefited greatly from the establishment in their convent by Benedict XII of one of the Order's seven English studio, genemlia, to which promising students could be sent from many parts of Europe.

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