A book of angels by L. P.; Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)

By L. P.; Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)

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That great angel also, who stands in the presence of God and was sent to the Blessed Virgin at Nazareth, is called in the Moreover, purpose book of Daniel the man Gabriel? 3 quite in harmony with the gracious the Eternal Son to take upon Him it is of through the seed of Abraham the nature of man, 1 Malachi iii. 1,2. 2 Gen. xviii. 3-5. 3 Dan. ix. 21, A BOOK OF ANGELS 6 He should prepare the world for such an approach on the part of God to man, by clothing Himself as with light, so especially with the likeness that of that form of man, which He meant wear on to earth and for ever in heaven, and which may, for all that we know, best correspond to the spiritual reality of the Image originally created.

Passing on through the bondage of Israel in Egypt, that horror of darkness felt beforehand by 4 us with Moses turn aside to see the on Mount Horeb. It is the Shechinah great sight or pillar of fire in which the bush is wrapped but not consumed. And out of the flame, the voice Abraham, let 1 Gen. 3 Hosea xlviii. 15, 16. xii. 2 4 3-5. Gen. xxxi. n, 13. Gen. xv. 12, 13. THE ANGEL OF THE PRESENCE 13 He is called and calls of the Angel of the Lord. Himself by the name and attributes of Jehovah, and demands all the reverence with which the Most worshipped.

It to doubt the possibility of He will, to appear to God power to human eyes to discern forms, imparting causing them, as whom He will, or to give more subtle visibility to what their temporary be invisible. And surely the to these attempt explain mysterious appearances would ordinarily on the theory of subjective ideas, or temporary wholly forced, is simply to take phantom shapes, Holy Scripture in a non-natural is sense, and is un- as being manifestly inadequate to account for the undeniable phenomena of the case.

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